Term 2 School Fees Now Overdue

Steve Kelsen —

Thanks to all those parents who have paid their Term 2 fees in full. St Bede’s relies on your contributions to help fund our academic programme, our chaplaincy and special character program, our wellbeing program, and many of our facilities.

Outstanding Term 2 fees are now overdue. If you haven’t already paid for Term 2, we would be grateful if you would pay them as soon as possible.

We encourage all parents to pay school fees by monthly direct debit. This helps you to spread the cost of fees across the year and helps St Bede’s by providing the resources we need in the school.

If you would like to setup a direct debit, have any questions about your son’s fees, or would like to discuss payment, please contact Angie in the school office schoolfees@stbedes.school.nz  If you are having difficulty in paying, we may be able to provide financial assistance. To learn more you can contact Rachel Pitcaithly, the head of our Ministry team, in confidence rpitcaithly@stbedes.school.nz