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Pictured from left to right: Kathryn Eagle, Clare Wilkinson, Matthew Grueber, Emily Rosevear.

Community Office: Watch this space!

Clare Wilkinson —

The Community Office is going through some changes.

Our focus remains on engagement with our wider community through effective communication and event planning that aims to bring Bedeans together and keep them connected, but our work also now includes all engagement from enrolments through to Alumni and management of a long-term fundraising campaign for the College.

Recently, Jacqui Anderson, who was our Communications and Database Administrator, has left the Community Office to move to a new role within St Bede’s, as the Executive Assistant to the Rector. Although we were sad to see Jacqui go from our team, we are pleased she remains close by and still a part of our greater team at the College. I thank Jacqui for the amazing job she did for us, particularly with the Old Boys’ newsletters, and wish her well in her new role.

Kathryn Eagle remains in the Community Office as the Community Coordinator and will now take over the Old Boys’ newsletter in her role. Alongside this Kathryn is also the event coordinator, including all Old Boy’s events, and the database administrator for the Old Boys’ database. Please feel free to contact Kathryn if you have any stories you wish to share through the newsletter, or suggestions for people you would like to see profiled. She can update your details in the database and answer all queries regarding memberships, old boys ties, newsletters, and merchandise. You can contact Kathryn directly at keagle@stbedes.school.nz or via the old boys at oldboys@stbedes.school.nz

Matthew Grueber (1998 – 2002) is the newest member of the Community Office team and is also an Old Boy of the College. Matthew has joined us this week as the Marketing and Design Coordinator, responsible for all design work internally for the College. You can read all about Matthew in this newsletter, as one of the Old Boys we've profiled this month.

You will still find Emily Rosevear (Archivist) in the Community Office on a Wednesday busily working on the Archives Project which we have featured in past newsletters. The work Emily does often forms a good part of the reflections articles in the newsletter, including this month's article of St Bede. Emily has been spending some time with some of our older Old Boys, as part of the Oral History Project, where she is recording and transcribing their memories of their time at St Bede’s. The first of these transcripts was Gary Lennon, and she has since completed 6 more. If you are interesting in chatting to Emily about your memories of St Bede’s, or have any other enquiries regarding the archives project, please contact her directly at erosevear@stbedes.school.nz or through oldboys@stbedes.school.nz

I am currently advertising for a Major Gifts Fundraiser to join our team in preparation for the new long-term fundraising campaign that we are about to launch. I am hoping to find an experienced fundraiser whose focus will be solely on raising funds for the future of St Bede’s, as we plan for the next phase of building and to grow the Foundation Endowment Fund.

I remain in the Community Office although with a slightly different title, now as the Director of Community and Advancement. As a team we are committed to working with the Old Boys’ Association to keep you engaged and informed. We are always happy to hear from you, and to welcome any old boys back to the College, near and far, that may have lost contact through the years. Equally, we welcome your feedback about events you might like us to organise, articles that would appeal in the newsletter and any ways we can better communicate with you. You don’t have to be in Christchurch, or even in New Zealand to be connected with St Bede’s, we have Bedeans in multiple locations who we can connect you with. You can contact me on cwilkinson@stbedes.school.nz or via oldboys@stbedes.school.nz