Bishop Lyons

Seamus Lohrey —

Bishop Lyons was held at St Thomas of Canterbury College from 9 - 11 of April

We were able to gain some fantastic results:

Simon Curnow, put on an awesome performance and got first place in Junior Prepared.

Isaac Cahill gained an impressive second equal in impromptu.

Our young debating team, of Todd Evans, Liam Speechlay and Thomas Richards, put on a very strong display against some high quality sides and came out with third place.

Our Religious Questions team of Jem Lilburne, Steven Little and Seamus Lohrey, as well as Tyler Dunning in Senior Prepared, gave the competition a good effort and came away with some valuable feedback from the adjudicators

The team had a really good showing and with some younger students doing very well against older competition I can't help but feel that our future team is in good hands.

I’d like to give a big thank you to the coaches: Mrs Pitcaithly, Mr Entwistle, Mr Ven, Ms Growden, Mrs Mackean, Mr Dowers, Mr Foley, Mrs Walcott, Ms Lynn, and Ms Cooper. After 5 years I’d like you to know it doesn't go unnoticed and unappreciated. By looking at the results throughout the years I've been lucky enough to compete in this competition, I can see your dedication to us boys really shine through.

We would all like to thank St Thomas of Canterbury College for hosting everyone over the weekend.

And to Marian College – well done on winning the Shield for 2021!!