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Uniform Shop

Jill Falloon and Philippa Grey —

Uniform fittings, Leavers' Gear and Lost property...

2022 Year 9 Uniform fittings

Where possible, we are carrying out our 2022 Year 9 uniform fittings after the Students interview with Mr Boyle.

We have set up some half hour fitting appointments for Saturday 18 and Saturday 25 September and during both weeks of the school holidays for those who did not have their fitting done at this time.

Parents/Caregivers are invited to book a uniform fitting using the following details:

www.schoolinterview.co.nz Code c2ccj

Please feel free to contact us via email with any uniform queries.


SBC Hand Sanitiser – $5.00

SBC Hand Sanitiser with carabiner to clip onto a Back Pack

Lost Property – Shoes

We have a large box of shoes in Lost Property which will regifted to those in need if they are not claimed by the end of this term. These shoes are regularly put on display outside the College Shop but they have not been claimed.

2021 Leavers’ Kit

We will be finalising the 2021 Leavers’ Kit this week. We will email the pamphlet out to all Parents/Caregivers. When your son places his order, we will invoice you for prepayment of this order. Prepayment is required as this kit is ‘group specific’ therefore we cannot on sell any items that are not paid for. Payment will confirm your son’s order.

School holiday trading hours

We will be open both weeks of the Holidays – we will confirm the days and times by the end of September. This will also be published on the School Website and School App.

Warm regards

Mrs Jill Falloon and Mrs Philippa Grey