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From the Rector

Justin Boyle —

Greetings from St Bede’s 

The photos later in the newsletter record some of the activities the Juniors participated in last week. Great experiences for all the boys, but also a very good opportunity for teachers and boys to get to know each other out of the classroom. When asking one of the boys, how was the week away, his obvious admiration of how fit his teacher was telling (For someone of her age!!)

We had high numbers of parents attending Junior Conference Day. These face-to-face meetings (as distinct from formal reports) which we instituted some years ago, are excellent opportunities to discuss the boys’ progress. Thank you for your support of these.

During the week, over 40 boys who participated in the Sacramental Programme earlier in the year, gathered for a retreat at the Groynes. Phones were gathered in, and Ministry Team Staff accompanied by Senior students re-engaged with the learnings from the programme, but also as in all retreats were challenged to “step back” to see how their spiritual journey was progressing. Fr Allan was available to provide the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Until next week

JG Boyle