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Welcome to the February 2021 Bedean News.

Steve Kennedy —

You will notice the newsletter format is different, because we have moved to a digital platform, however the content is full of interesting information about our fellow Bedeans, past and present, upcoming events and general information, so enjoy your read.

Many old boys that I spent time with over the Christmas period were excited that the Association had a full quota of gatherings, reunions and events planned for 2021. There was a slight 'stumble' in February when the planned events for Auckland were cancelled or deferred, due to COVID restrictions at that time.

We are now forging ahead with events scheduled in several towns and regions the Old Boys Association has not frequented for many years. These include Ashburton, Hokitika, Wanaka, Kaikoura and Hanmer. For the first time we are partnering with Boarding to visit some of these regions, bringing our past, present and future Bedeans together. We hope we will see many of you there.

Regular events will also be held in Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington during the year, plus we look forward to an Annual Dinner mid-year (more details to follow on this). Justin Boyle will be at many of these, so please come along to see and hear what is happening at the College, now and in the future.

Keep safe

Steve Kennedy