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From the Rector

Mr Justin Boyle —

Greetings from St Bede’s

The campus has a different feel this week, as seniors come in for exams, and juniors continue their classes.

Staff appreciated the two teacher only days, the first to look at the change for NCEA in the coming years. The Ministry of Education have allocated a number of days over the next couple of years to institute these changes.

In the second teacher only day, staff spent some planning time preparing to rollout the new Mana Tane programme that we believe will greatly enhance our care of the boys.

We are holding two parent information evenings next week to outline the plan to parents. See the article in the newsletter for further detail regarding these events.

Year 9s and 10s are preparing for the Y10 Camps and Y9 Big Days Out where teachers join the boys in a variety of activities out of the classroom. It's a great way for boys to enhance their relationship with the staff.

Until next week,

J. G. Boyle