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Year 9 Big Day Out


Adrenalin Forest: Our boys had a great day and enjoyed the challenge. It was good to see those who had not been before, pushing themselves and growing in confidence.

Rowing: The Year 9 Big Day Out activities provided an opportunity for a group of lads to have a taster experience of Rowing.

After a quick session on the ERGS focusing on timing to generate power, through the leg drive, core and arms the lads were on their way to Stewarts Gully on the Waimakariri River to experience what it was like in an Eight.

Our crew had a great attitude and with calm conditions they were soon were out on the water for their first of two sessions, in which they showed good progress in working as a team and familiarising themselves with basic sweeping techniques.

A BBQ lunch and play in the water soon had them ready for their last session, guided by Liam Duff one of our experienced Coxswains and Rowing Captain, Sam Woodgate. It was great to see these two taking charge and giving the Year 9's a look at what Rowing involves.

If you have a son interested in trying Rowing, email ksullivan@stbedes.school.nz as we can always get them out to experience this great summer sport.

The Amazing Race: Over two days teams of 3 Year 9s raced about the city using public transport to locate staff members and complete a series of tasks. The fastest team that was able to complete each task was sent onto the next location eventually leading back to the College. While some teams struggled to find a few locations all teams made it back safely and completed the course. The winning team each day took home a cash prize which definitely upped the stakes involved.

Geocaching: A dozen boys spent a day in the red zone looking for geocaches for one of their Big Day Out activities. These are small, hidden containers that have their latitude and longitude co-ordinates registered on the internet. By entering these numbers in a GPS receiver, the boys were guided to each cache’s location. The Wednesday group found 8 and the Friday group found 9.