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Updates from the Careers Corner

Mrs Jan Kershaw —

Want a job over summer, check out Greenlights advert. Continue to learn over the summer break with courses offered in baby-sitting, digital design and defensive driving. UC is also marketing its STAR courses, allowing yr 12/13 to enrol in first-year degree-level courses while they are still in school.

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Image by: jan kershaw

Receive a Plunket Babysitting Certificate in the School Holidays

Whether you’re already babysitting the neighbours’ kids or your younger siblings, or want some credibility when looking for a babysitting job – this day is for you!

The course covers the expectations of a babysitter, the child and family, safety, play and basic first aid by a trained Plunket facilitator.

Costs $30.

Hosted by Youth Alive Trust in New Brighton.

Register now at the Youth Alive Trust Website or visit the facebook 

2021 STAR courses at UC for capable Y12 & 13 students

Image by: UC

The STAR Programme allows secondary school students from anywhere in New Zealand to enrol in first-year degree-level courses while they are in Year 12 or 13.

Why be a part of the STAR Programme?

The STAR Programme offers keen and capable students:

  • a stimulating challenge
  • an opportunity to make a head start on their tertiary degree study
  • the confidence that they have what it takes to succeed in tertiary study
  • an opportunity to connect with like-minded secondary school students

Who can enrol?

Schools are responsible for identifying and approving suitable students, primarily in Years 12 and 13.

Visit the UC STAR programme webpage for further details. You will find the full list of STAR courses with links to course webpages on the Study page.

If you are a capable student and think you might be keen to undertake the challenge of a UC STAR course in 2021:

  1. explore the website and the courses available
  2. talk it over with your parents
  3. meet with Ms McLaughlin
  4. complete the SMC STAR course application form and get this signed by parents, dean and DP (before 5th Feb)
  5. apply online to UC before 12th February 2021.
Image by: YOOBEE
Image by: YOOBEE

December 7th - Jan 22nd.

2020 & 2021 Yoobee College’s Summer Programmes. 

We are offering wide range of courses across our Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington and Christchurch campuses.

These courses include subjects such as Illustration, Animation, Game Development, Film Making, Design and Make-Up! These courses will run between the 7th and 18th of December and between the 11th and 22nd of January.

Many of these courses also include level 3 unit standards!

Check out our offerings and enroll here

Defensive Driving course 


Dates for Dec & Jan

December 7, 2020 to January 27, 2021

Event Location   (Sockburn in Dec & Riccarton in Jan)

Street Talk Defensive Driving Courses

Cost $180 (includes driving session)

NB Anyone with demerit points can complete

If you miss a session you have the flexibility to catch up this session at another course

To enrol, go directly to the Fusion Trust website www.fde.co.nz

txt: 027229 8018 or email office@fde.co.nz

Held at Axiom Training Rooms, 55 Epsom Road, Sockburn