Street Talk Defensive Driving Course

Jo Davidson —

Street Talk Defensive driving course is a NZTA Approved course. Cost is $180, which includes four sessions in class and a one-hour practical session.

Sessions are held at St Bede’s College after school (3-5pm) in Brodie 3
NB Anyone with demerit points can complete.
If you miss a session you have the flexibility to catch up this session at another course- sessions must be in sequence.

Dates are:

May/June 2021

Mon 17, Mon 24, Mon 31, Mon 14

3 - 5pm

St Bede's College

Brodie 3

There is a sign-up sheet in Mrs Davidson’s office.

Why should you attend a defensive driving course? Whether you're on your learner or restricted licence, you will still reduce the time to your full licence by 6 months.

If you have demerit points you can complete a course.

Yes, you can drive yourself on a restricted licence – but only at certain times or with an experienced driver. You can’t take your family, or your friends, anywhere. You can’t be on the road between 10pm and 5am without risking fines, demerit points or being uninsured if something happens. It’s for your own safety, but wouldn’t it be great to reduce months off this time as well as making yourself safer on our roads?