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Absences Made Easier

Pastoral Office —

There is a direct line to report absences - (03) 375 1879, or you can enter an absence using the new school app. Further information regarding absences and requirements follow...

If your son is going to be absent from school for an appointment or is unwell, please ring the absence line or contact the Pastoral Assistant, Mrs Joanne Davidson, on the first day of their absence and each day thereafter if you are not sure how long your son is to be absent.

In addition, all absences of three days or more must be explained either in your son’s diary (see the absence section at the back), or with a signed note given to his Mana Tāne Kaiako. A student may need to supply a medical certificate if he has been absent with an illness for three or more days, or he has been absent for an assessment task.

Please choose from the contacts below:

Absence line:  (03) 375 1879 Pastoral Assistant: Mrs Joanne DavidsonTelephone: (03) 375 0647 ext 840 Email:  jdavidson@stbedes.school.nz School App, either phone or email