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Photo by Kathryn Eagle


Justin Boyle —

Gary is one of 6 icons of St Bede’s that were named in the immediate years leading up to the centennial celebrations in 2011. He is the last of the icons to pass. The icon project was driven by the Old Boys’ association, when it became apparent as the 100-year story of St Bede’s unfolded, that there were a few men who best encapsulated the values of what it means to be a Bedean, humility, hard work, concern for others and commitment to faith. After gaining the collective opinions of a wide range from the Bedean community, the following 6 were identified as men who indeed exhibited the values that could be aspired to.

The 6 named were:

· Fr Charles Graham SM-founding Rector of the College 1911-23.

· Fr Cormac Hoben SM Student of St Bede’s 1920-22, teacher, coach and mentor 1940-45

· Fr Bill Spillane SM Teacher, mentor and coach 1944-56, 1958-71, 1974-1982, 1990-97

· Mr Robin Corcoran 1941-46

· Rev. Bernard J Ryan teacher 1950-60

· Mr Gary Lennon student 1953-1957, Teacher 1975-2005

Why are they identified as icons of the College?

· All had different talents and gifts and made contributions to College life in and out of the classroom.

· All helped form young men significantly whilst performing those roles

· All were men of faith

· All went above and beyond the call of duty, working selflessly, not for their own edification or promotion, rather for the needs of the boys and staff they were responsible for.

· All understood and upheld the core principles of what it means to be Marist. To see the world through the eyes of the mother of Jesus Christ, and therefore to live speak and act as Mary did.

· All 6 icons embraced those Marist ideals and many Bedeans recognized the influence they had on them long after their service to the College was complete.

Photo from the 2011 Centennial Dinner when the icon series was launched. Icons Gary Lennon and Robin Mann are pictured on stage with Justin Boyle.