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Ranks Team!

Kathryn Eagle —

Our Top Ten Gary’isms

Gary Lennon’s legacy is filled with his famous sayings. Indeed, Gary’s unique and meaningful communication style (and voice!) was one of the many things that endeared him most to generations of Bedeans during his tenure. Some of these sayings have been widely shared in tribute to Gary since his passing and we thought it was only fitting to include some of his best ones here.

Thank you, Gary. Your words will forever resound in the grounds and buildings of St Bede’s and in the lives of those who were privileged enough to hear you speak them.

10. All the world’s a stage.

9. Happy days!

8. Get on with it, no need for all that fuss!!

7. Don’t drop the pill men.

6. Winning isn’t everything, but wanting it is – that is the key.

5. Intestinal fortitude.

4. Shivers!

3. Right men!

2. That’s Ranks team!

1. Manners maketh the man  

Notable mention: Gary's affectionate term when referring to his wife Claire as "Mother".