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St Bede's College Newsletter
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Greetings from St Bede’s

Mr Justin Boyle —

The last term of the year has begun with a gallop!!

Final preparations for senior examinations are a focus in the classroom. However, there are a whole range of events and activities that fill our calendar over the next few weeks, tonight’s Leavers Ball being the first of several.

During the week we held our first school assembly since early Term 2, due to the work on the gymnasium, (which incidentally, is making good progress). This was a unique and special occasion where we celebrated a student led decision approved by our Board of Trustees to add the Le Faitaga, the ceremonial Pasifika dress, to the school uniform.

As was said at the assembly, while Colleges such as ours have many fine traditions, we also need to keep developing and evolving; to be open to new practices and traditions that reflect the different groups of students that enter our gates.

One way we do this is by embracing the different cultures that make up our student body.

It was a moving ceremony attended by a good number from our Pasifika community.


Those of you who have seen this morning’s Press cannot fail to have noticed the two page feature promoting our fundraising appeal for a new chapel. It is certainly an impressive spread, and I am delighted to say that in the ten days since the official launch, donations and pledges now total almost $250,000.00

The fundraising target is $3.5m and we are well on the way to achieve this goal. Our cause has been aided by contributions of $1m from the Society of Mary and the College’s Board of Proprietors. I acknowledge and sincerely thank both bodies for their very generous support.

At the pre-launch and launch functions, I spoke about the importance of the chapel to our college. It is a building that is at the very heart of St Bede’s College.

To fully comprehend our need for a new chapel, go to the Chapel Appeal link on the St Bede’s website. There you will be able to view the campaign video and read the eBook. These presentations will allow you to fully comprehend our need for a new Chapel whilst learning more about the history of St Bede’s and its chapel.

Should you require further information or wish to speak to one of the campaign team, please email or call Tony Murdoch, email: tmurdoch@stbedes.school.nz, ph. 0273 487 164 or Jacinta Gardner, email: jgardner@stbedes.school.nz, ph. 021 888 177

We are asking for “A Little from a Lot”.

Until next week

Justin Boyle