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Mark Gregory on Guitar and Barry Gallen on Piano

Spirit...The Band

Barry Gallen —

Here it goes, a quick rundown on Mark Gregory and Barry Gallen, who were part of the famous, internationally acclaimed pop band, "Spirit", that was born and bred in none other than St Bede’s College Christchurch; the home and birth-place of many outstanding young men!

Back in 1973, 4 young up and coming musicians in the prime of their life, and while still at school, got together and formed a band that was later many, considered to rival the Beatles!

Within no time at all, under the musical direction and guidance of Mark Gregory, and while still at school, these 4 young men were playing in many places around Christchurch, and beyond.

Mark Gregory

They played regularly in many of Christchurch's most popular hotels; e.g. the "Star and Garter," the "Tavern Rachel," etc; at many weddings, the Army Base, and in many different towns and cities round the South Island; also, at festivals, celebrations and parties everywhere.

Eventually this remarkably popular band called "Spirit" became very widely known.

As time went on the band attracted many, many followers, literally following them to the different places they were playing! Also, the 4 young handsome Bedean musos began to be followed everywhere by young women who were overwhelmed by their musical ability and their stunning good looks!

And so, life became quite a challenge for the band members who were also studying and pursuing skills for their future careers. As 1976 drew to a close, the 4 extremely talented young men called it a day on their outstanding musical ability which they had been crooning Canterbury with for 4 years! The Bedean "Spirit" band laid down their instruments with an early retirement and walked in a different direction as the coming years unfolded for them!

But today, how lucky are we, to have 2 of these young men in our midst; Mark and Barry, who hardly seem to have aged a day since those times of many, many, many years ago!

Image by: Jacqui Anderson