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Bedean Learning Environment

Diarmuid McMahon —

Students positive behaviours are recognised through the Bedean Learning Environment at the College. This is through the lens of our five BEDES values.

B – Be Courageous

E - Everyone matters

D – Develop faith

E – Embrace opportunity

S – Strive to succeed

Students earn BLE recognitions both in and outside of the classroom for demonstrating one or more of these values. Positive behavior is recognised and reinforced at the time of the behaviour by all Kaiako at the college. Recognitions are also logged on the MyMahi app, students are able to check what Kaiako have recognised their positive behavior and for what they have done.

In this week’s assembly all students were congratulated on demonstrating our BEDES values. A random draw of students who had received a number of recognitions took place. Students from each year group were acknowledged and received vouchers.

Year 9 – Toby Thwaites

Year 10 - Ashton Fisher

Year 11 – Max Kirk

Year 12 – Ollie Floris

Year 13 – Conor Fyall

Well done to all students

Diarmuid McMahon

Assistant Rector

Pastoral & Hauora