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Bedean Community Fund

Clare Wilkinson —

We would like to thank everyone who supported our Bedean Community Appeal, which was initiated to support families within our community who were affected financially by COVID 19.

We were thrilled, proud and grateful for the generous support which raised close to $33,000 in donations.

We are pleased to report that all these funds have now been allocated to support 21 students to continue their education at St Bede’s College and participate in everything our school has to offer.

The fund is now closed, and we are unable to take any further applications for support through the Bedean Community Fund. However, the effects of COVID 19 are still occurring and continue to impact many in our community financially. If you know of anyone who may still need support, there are other options for financial assistance through our website or via this link https://www.stbedes.school.nz/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Financial-Assistance-Attendance-Dues-Application.pdf

Although the Bedean Community Appeal is now closed, if you would like to discuss options to give further financial support, please contact Clare Wilkinson cwilkinson@stbedes.school.nz

Thank you