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Ian Mcpherson
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Profile Ian McPherson 1981 - 1985

Ian McPherson —

Having respect and working as a team.

When I look back on my time at St Bede’s, I realise that probably the most important life lesson that I learnt was to have respect for people. I wasn't the greatest scholar, but learning to have respect for others taught me a lot about working as part of a team.

While some students in my year left with a set career plan, I certainly didn't. What I did know however, is that work is important. With work you can grow and try new things and it was because of this work ethic that I was always committed to whatever I was doing at the time.

In my 20s, like so many New Zealanders, I travelled on my OE, spending over 4 years in the UK. The opportunities and scale were so different from New Zealand and it gave me time to find my niche and eventually specialise when I returned home.  

When I look back, at all of the different roles and jobs I had before I fell into recruitment, I realise that they all contributed to helping me be successful at this role. I gave 100% to all the different roles that I took, because they helped me to grow.

 Finally, having found my niche role, the next step was to open my own business. Although this gave me a few sleepless nights, I knew I could do it. It was a big move at the time, but certainly worth the effort. I now work in an industry that I love, one that I found because I was never afraid to try new things, and that is because of the work ethic that I learnt at St Bede's.