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Ever wondered how much the Entertainment Membership could save you in an average two month period???

  • Dinner for four with the family at Corianders Indian Restaurant, total bill $129.00, saving: $32.25
  • Mega Air with the kids, total bill $34.00, saving: $17.00
  • Family entrance to Willowbank, total bill $75.00, saving: 18.75
  • Timezone Games, total bill $80.00, saving: $40.00
  • Lunch at St Pierre’s Sushi, total bill $17.00, saving: $8.50
  • Dry cleaning at Maxwells, total bill $25.00, saving: $6.25
  • Two loaves of Southern Plains bread from Couplands, total bill $7.98, saving: $3.99
  • Coffee at The Coffee Club, total bill $9.50, saving: 4.00
  • Mini Golf at Caddyshack City, total bill $48.00, saving $15.00
  • Birthday cake from Divine Cakes, total bill $37.00, saving: 9.25
  • Date night at Bloody Mary’s, total bill $147.00, saving: $70.00
  • Pizza at home with the family from Spagalimis, total bill $34.00, saving: $17.00

Total saving for this period: $241.99

Not to mention the over 2,000 accommodation providers we partner with through New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Bali and Hawaii, all offering at least 10% off the best promotional rate!!!

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