Hero photograph
Head Boy 2021 Jackson Wright
Photo by Sandy Jefferies

Head Boy Jackson Wright's Welcoming Speech

Jackson Wright —

Good morning to Mr Boyle, Staff, parents and bedeans. Today is a very special day as we welcome in our new year 9 boys. I want to say a warm welcome to you all and to all of your families. I know their will be a few nervous lads in the room but trust me boys, there is nothing to be nervous about.

When I first started here at St Bedes, I remember my first day, coming through the gates as a young lad, nervous and not knowing what to expect. I knew no one. But I went home after that first day and I remember feeling so excited and happy about the way the people here made me feel. After my first week here, I felt apart of the brotherhood and the great community that St Bedes is.

4 years later here I am. In a place that I look forward to coming to every single day. In a place where I am with my best mates. People who I have made lifelong friendships with. A place where there is a strong sense of community and school spirit. A place where I belong. A place where you belong, and a place where we belong.

So if you are like little me, nervous and not sure what to expect. My advice to you would be... don’t be nervous, get amongst it and make new friends. Meet new people. Express yourselves and more importantly be yourselves.

Take all the opportunities thrown at you this year and enjoy every moment, as one day, you will look back on your time here and realise that your days here are some of the best memories and moments you will cherish forever.

Once again, it is my pleasure to welcome you all into the college and I look forward to getting to know you all.

Thank you