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Industry Days

Jan Kershaw —

Year 13 – Thursday 01 September only

Year 11 and 12 - Thursday 01 & Friday 02 September 

With the Industry Days coming up soon, a number of students have already confirmed places they are visiting to discuss their career choices with mentors.

These days are set aside in the school calendar, to assist our boys in gathering first-hand information and experience in a job/career they wish to pursue when they leave school. With the Year 11 & 12 students having 2 days, they can visit one place of work or split the two days over two different industries. The important thing is that they get out and gain some knowledge about the workforce and in particular a job they are thinking about pursuing in the future.

Industry Days give our boys an opportunity to ask employers, exactly what is the best pathway to follow to get work in this area, where the future in the industry is going etc. It also gives our boys the opportunity to network, which often leads to positions in the future.

Please talk to your son about his future career choices and encourage him to find a suitable place to visit, by using family networks, or cold calling places of employment to ask, if your son can spend some time shadowing a worker. This way they can see what a day in the life of that career choice is truly like. Even just an hour of interviewing someone in the job, can give students some real insight into a career.

We know from speaking to the boys, they often have a glorified image of what some jobs involve, but the work is often quite different from what they believe it to be. Industry days are seen as valuable tools in exploring the pathway to achieve future careers. They can also assist students in deciding what career path to follow, which helps with subject selection in their final years at school or first year at tertiary level.

Kind regards,

Jan Kershaw