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World Challenge

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World Challenge Africa 2017 – launching soon!

Get off the beaten track on an adventure through Swaziland, South Africa and Mozambique: some of Africa’s least explored but most exciting destinations. Head on safari, trek through epic mountain ranges and dip in the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean. 

This expedition is the perfect mix of adventure, stunning scenery and wilderness!


The terrain of Southern Africa is very varied, but consists of mountains, savannah, gorges and coast.


Brush up on your language skills - you’ll come across people who speak Portuguese, Afrikaans, Zulu, SiSwati, Swahili and Sena!


The inland plateau has a temperate climate (17°-30°C), the coast is sub-tropical and more humid (22°-30°C). Most of the rain falls in summer.

Time zone

GMT +1 


Typical accommodation includes hostels and tents.


Fly into Johannesburg in South Africa, andhead to Swaziland for your acclimatisation. You’ll embark on a trek around the Malolotja Nature Reserve, one of the most impressive wildlife areas in southern Africa. You’ll also get the chance to explore Mozambique’s tropical coastline.

Challenge yourself

There are some wonderful trekking opportunities in Swaziland’s Malolotja Reserve, Ngwempisi Gorge or Lubombo Mountains. Community-based treks, beautiful forests, rolling plateaus and challenging mountain terrain are all there for you to explore, with plenty of wildlife to be spotted!


Immerse yourself in local communities, whether it’s helping with whale shark conservation projects in Mozambique or supporting National Care Points in Swaziland. Absorb the vibrancy of everything African culture has to offer – sing, dance, eat, play, laugh!

Chill Out

Get out there on safari in Swaziland’s National Parks or take on ten epic zip wires across the Ngwempisi Gorge. Head to the white sandy beaches on the Indian Ocean to snorkel alongside majestic whale sharks, horse ride along the beach or just chill.

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