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Photo by Tania Templeton

Basketball Draw

Mrs Clare Kissick —

Basketball Draw for Friday, 9 and Saturday, 10 June 2017

Saturday Competition

  • Senior A Checkers vs UC Christs at Celebration Lions at 4.30pm
  • Under 17 White vs North Canterbury at Middleton Grange New Gym at 10.30am
  • Under 17 Black vs CBHS  Black at Middle Grange New Gym at 12pm

Friday Night

  • Year 13 Black  vs Shirley Year 12 Blue at Shirley Boys High School at 7.00pm
  • Year 13 Red vs Hagley Seniors at Hagley Com College 2 at 6.00pm
  • Year 13 White  vs Shirley Blue at St Bede's College at 8.00pm
  • Year 12 Black vs Burnside at St Bede's College at 7.00pm. Duty at 6.00pm and Duty at 8.00pm
  • Year 12 Red vs Rangiora Senior Blue at Rangiora High School 1 at 6.00pm
  • Year 11 Boarders vs Akaroa Area School  at St Bede's College at 6.00pm.  Duty at 7.00pm
  • Year 11 Black vs Hagley Int A at Hagley Com College 1 at 6.00pm
  • Year 11 Red vs Cashmere 11 Maroon at Cashmere High School at 5.00pm
  • Year 11 White vs Hornby Gold at Hornby High School  at 7.00pm
  • Year 11 Blue vs Burnside at Burnside High School 1 at 5.00pm
  • Year 10 Black vs Kaiapoi Red at Kaiapoi High School at 5.00pm 
  • Year 10 Red vs Rangiora Int. Gold at St Bede's College at 5.00pm. Duty at 4.00pm
  • Year 9A vs Lincoln High School 9A at Lincoln High School 3 at 4.00pm
  • Year 9 Black vs Hagley Year 9 at Hagley C C 2 at 4.00pm
  • Year 9 Red vs Kaiapoi High School Year 9 Blue at Kaiapoi High School at 4.00pm
  • Year 9 White vs RSCH at St Bede's College at 4.00pm.  Duty at 5.00pm

PLEASE NOTE You are now required to do score bench duty either before or after your games at St Bede's College. 

You need to supply 3 players to do this. 

 FAILURE to do this will result in your team not being able to play the following week.