Students Entering St Bede's College by SBC

College Uniform

We are proud of our uniform, and work hard to make sure all our students look their best at all times.

St Bede’s College Shop is the sole supplier of the official College Uniform. The College Shop also has second hand uniform items.

The Uniform is costed out and the cost of this is included in your Invoice. A small contingency is included each year your student returns to St Bede’s’ College for change of season uniform and other incidental uniform items, eg. Sports tops, new socks or shirts.

We expect to get at least 2 years wear out of the College Blazer, for those boys starting in Year 9 and staying until Year 13, we invoice an extra uniform amount to allow for the boys growth!

Hair and Jewellery

Students may wear a cross or taonga under their shirts. Earrings and facial piercings are NOT permitted. No other jewellery is permitted except a watch.

Student’s hair is to be one colour, able to be combed, off the collar and clean. Dreadlocks, corn rows, braided hair or rats tails are NOT permitted. If a student has long hair, it must be tied up when travelling to and from school in school uniform and during school hours.

Protective Clothing

If your student will be cycling to school, a Safety hat is required by law. We strongly encourage our cycling boys to wear a fluorescent safety top. Fluoro vests are available at the Uniform Shop.

In the 3rd term, Boarders and Leavers are able to purchase specific Uniform items, these make a great memento of your time at St Bede's.  Boarders gear and Leavers gear must be paid for separately.