Izuki making pikelets and enjoying his food Tech class.  Well done Izuki!Izuki (JPN) by Madeleine Castle

Learning at St Bede's

St Bede's offers a traditional academic education and a wide variety of sports and cultural opportunities in which to develop and grow into young men.

As an international student at St Bede’s College we will:

  • Help you to become the best possible you you can be! 
  • Work with you to meet your learning goals by working with dedicated, kind and caring teachers.
  • Give you an environment founded on our Catholic faith and our Christian values, in which to study and grow.
  • Recognise you as the individual you are.

As an international student you will learn to:

  • Work to achieve success in all you choose to do.
  • Be independent in both your daily life and studies.
  • Be involved in class discussions, activities, music, drama and sports and engage with others.
  • Face new challenges and try new things.
  • Make new friends and have fun!

To find out more about New Zealand education once you finish St Bede's, visit Study in New Zealand