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Photo by Katrina Kerr-Bell

How to stay kind in your bubble

Katrina Kerr-Bell —

This week I listened to a podcast by Denise Quinlan called "Not Killing Nigel", Nigel is her husband and they are in lockdown together.  Denise works for the New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing.  She had some useful times for coping in these challenging times.

How to stay kind in your bubble

  1. Lower the bar; this is not business as usual. It is not reasonable to uphold the same standards.

2.Identify early warning signs when pressure is building in the volcano

  1. Make a list of what calms and restores you.
  2. Identify your quiet space, your restoration space, a space where each person can retreat. When they are there, let them be.
  3. Ask yourself, "what is great about the person who is on our nerves? What is the good stuff about the person?"

Positive emotions undo the physical hangover effects in our body of negative emotions. Positive emotions allow the negative emotions to be overridden and washed away faster.