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Photo by Joanne Robinson

Congratulations to our very own SCC student, Chantal Faraimo who has made the U15 Developing Sox

Joanne Robinson —

U15 Developing Sox Girls coaches Anthea Stringer and Chris Telfer have named a squad of 41 to further develop throughout 2022.


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Head Coach Stringer says, “we are excited with the young talent coming through the grades and their eagerness to learn.”

“There is no question these girls have faced a tough environment in an important point in their development, but each and every one of them have shown their resilience by putting their hand up to be selected.”

“The focus of the DSX programme will be to create as many learning opportunities as possible both on and off the diamond for these young athletes to achieve their softball goals,” say’s Stringer.

Abigail Church, Jaimee Hoani (North Harbour), Skylah-Breeze Joyce, Tyler Graham, Ava Prescott, Cheyenne Freeman, Elyse Harold-Fasi, Nia-Jaye Witika, Central Salt (Auckland), Payton Hiraka, Penny Starr, Oliana-Pearl Hesp, Savannah-Lee Farrar, Tomairangi Waitere-Grace, Acadia Nathan Kaihau, Janaiya Nathan-Kaihau (Counties), Keely Bailey-Ball (Waikato), Mikaera Rountree (Hawkes Bay), Aayla Toman, Trinity Tauaneai, Maggie Shields, Meagan Stokes, Matangihau Nuku, Angela Harrison, Kim-Marie Aurupa, Jayda Walters-Rangitihi (Hutt Valley), Siobhan Bolger, Chantal Faraimo (Wellington), Kyla Thorstenson (Marlborough), Maddison Parsons Sydelle Sipiki-Samuelu, Caitlin Henderson, Shyla de Lautour, Katerina Sumner, Abbie McCurrie, Jaiya Barnes (Canterbury), Ivy McLeod-Frewen (South Canterbury), Benka Page-Smith, Soliana Freeman, Kadince Robinson, (Otago), Nikiah Rouse (Southland)