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We Expect Students To Be Returning To School - however, if working from home...

Katrina Kerr-Bell —

The number of students and staff unwell is thankfully declining.

Just a friendly reminder that if your child is at home self-isolating please communicate with the school office, attendance@scc.school.nz.  Classwork is on Google Classroom however students need to be making contact with their teachers. If your child is sick then they should be recovering- there is no pressure to be doing school work as well.

If your daughter is well, your household does not have a Covid case, we expect her to come to school unless there is someone vulnerable in your household and you have communicated this to us.

Teaching and Learning from Home - Student Expectations

Schoolwork - if you are at school

  • Make sure you listen to the Pānui and be aware of any room changes.

  • Have your device with you for all classes.

  • If your teacher is absent, find the work as you would if you were learning from home.

Schoolwork - if you are at home

  • If you are unwell, make sure a parent contacts the school office to let them know. You should rest and not attempt any school work until you have recovered. Look after yourself 😊.

  • If you are well, use whatever system your teacher has set up for you to find the work for your class and complete it.

  • Email your teacher if you have any questions or problems.

  • If you do not attend a class and you are expected to, you will be marked absent.

Whānau time - if you are at home

  • If you are well, your Whānau teacher will check in with you at least twice a week. Make sure you respond to them.

Online Meetings (Zoom etc)

  • If you are well, you are expected to attend any online meetings that are scheduled.

  • Online meetings will only be scheduled during that class's normal lesson time.

  • You need to be dressed appropriately (not in your pyjamas please).

  • Find a quiet space (if possible) and check that your background is appropriate.

  • Please do not bring food or drink to the meeting.

  • Have your video and audio ON unless you have contacted your teacher to explain why you can’t.

If you need help

  • If you are struggling with anything, please make sure you reach out to someone.

  • Email your Whānau teacher, Dean or classroom teacher, whoever you feel most comfortable with.

  • Sophie (Guidance Counselor) sophie.hamilton@stcatherinescollege.school.nz

  • Covid Health Information - 0800 358 5453

  • General Health Information - 0800 611 116

  • School Office - 04 939 8988