Hero photograph
Photo by Joanne Robinson

Duke Of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition

Joanne Robinson —

By Bianca Blanch

On Thursday,June 16th, the students working on their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award joined the year 13 PE class on an expedition through the Orongorongo Valley in the Remutaka Forest Park. We followed the Orongorongo walking track, Big Bend track and Middle Ridge Track and stayed overnight in Turere Lodge. This tramp was to prepare us for the expedition we will do at the end of year to qualify for our Bronze Award. Before we went on this tramp, we held several meetings and completed a preparation document, to make sure that everyone understood where we were going, what we would be doing, what we needed to bring and how to complete this expedition safely. One part of the tramp we enjoyed the most was sitting by the Orongorongo River and having our lunch. When we were there, the view was beautiful and the atmosphere was calm and relaxing. While on this tramp, some of us learnt that we should bring a proper tramping pack so that everything fit into it and we didn’t have things hanging off that could hit us while we were walking!!