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Ballet of Cinderella

Jacqui Bisley —

Dear Parents,

We have an exciting offer from the RNZ Ballet that gives our students the chance to attend a matinee performance of Cinderella on Saturday 6 August at 1.30pm at the St. James Theatre, Courtenay Place. The cost of the ticket is $15.00. The performance is 2 hours long.

Any student may attend this performance and school aged family members may also buy tickets but we are particularly encouraging Year 9 students to attend. Dance is being studied in term 3.We are also lucky enough to have the RNZ Ballet come into school and take a Dance workshop on Friday 5 August as part of the Year 9 programme. So this fits in very well.

The ballet is set to music by NZ composer Claire Cowan and is to be performed by a live orchestra. Unfortunately, adults are NOT included in this offer.

Online permission forms are being sent out to parents via this newsletter.

Payment should be made online to the office to 06 0574 0110479 00 or sent in with this permission slip.

PLEASE send in your permission promptly as there are limited places and we need to book seats before the holidays: https://rnzb.org.nz/shows/cinderella-2/

If money for the tickets is an issue, please contact Laura Heil (HOD P.E.) laura.heil@stcatherinescollege.school.nz