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Tena korua e te whānau

Katrina Kerr-Bell —

Although the start of 2022 has been incredibly challenging, Last Sunday's first reading was Moses and the burning Bush and the quote that spoke to me was the Lord hears our cries

At this midpoint moment of our Lenten journey, we pray that our faith in God who sees, hears and knows of our struggles and difficulties will through the ministry of those in our lives act to bring us comfort, healing and freedom. It can feel again like in 2020 during lent when Covid first came into existence during lent that we are with Jesus lost in the Wilderness. The Wayfinders is a group of Maori navigators and as part of the training, they are always reminded to look up and look at the stars to find their way.

On Monday we had a record number of staff and students return to school. It felt like we were returning to a new normal. We only had a small number of students away and isolating. It takes courage to return to school and to our lives knowing that Omricon is still in our community. To lift our heads up to the sky, to the stars and think beyond the current fears we have, to remember we are not alone. Hybrid learning has been a tool that has helped us to continue in a midst of what has felt like turbulent times. It has however confirmed that there is no substitute for being in the classroom learning with a teacher and peers.  

This morning on the Radio New Zealand News was the story that girls have been turned away from schooling in Afghanistan after the Taliban went back on a promise to allow them to be educated.  We pray for these young women who after nine months of no education being turned away on their first day back.  

During this Lenten time, it is good to reflect and challenge ourselves

CARITAS and Faith In Action

What can we do to better listen and hear the voice of Christ through others?

What can we learn by listening to each other?

Are we open to our assumptions being challenged?

How can we promote understanding and unity?

E te Atua,

God encounter,

awaken us to your presence in our midst.

May we hear your voice in our

sharing and in our listening to the scriptures as they show us your good,

pleasing and perfect will. Amene

Faith Expectations

Faith Expectations are the behaviour expectations of the students at St Catherine’s.

  • Friendship (Whanaungatanga)

  • Achievement

  • Integrity

  • Tolerance

  • Hospitality

Thank you to those who helped us last week. This week our focus is on Achievement. We would like to update what behaviours reflect achievement and have them in the languages of our students. Can you help us with some translation? Attached are the expected behaviours for Achievement for your review. Please add any we may have missed