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Photo by Rebecca Methven

Sharing the Sunday Gospel - The Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary.

Rebecca Methven —

Our Catholic tradition teaches us that Mary, the Mother of Jesus, was taken body and soul into heaven as a reward for her faithfulness. Her life and devotion should be an example for us.

Historical Context – Feast of the Assumption

Since the 5th Century there has been an active tradition and belief around the assumption of Mary. The tradition states that Mary was physically ‘taken up’ into heaven at the end of her life. It is believed that her soul and her body remained united. This ancient belief was defined as an infallible teaching of the Church by Pope Pius XII in 1950. It is one of only two infallible statements that have been defined as such and both related to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The feast is celebrated on August 15 and is a Holy Day of Obligation.

Living the Gospel – Saying ‘Yes’

In a world that is increasingly selfish and negative, there is a trend towards isolation from family, neighbours and community. In the face of social isolation, the call to a Christian life is a call to say ‘Yes’ to life itself and all it offers. To say ‘Yes’ to life is to say ‘Yes’ to life-giving relationships and decisions and ‘No’ to life denying relationships and decisions. To say ‘Yes’ to life is to say ‘No’ to those things that harm self and harm others. A ‘Yes’ to life is a ‘Yes’ to hope;  to possibility; to love; to God; and to yourself.