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Term 2 Week 3 Paiaka Newsletter

Jo Earl —

Thank you for the amazing support you have been giving our Distance Learning Programme during the lockdown. We really enjoy connecting with the students on the google meet workshops and reading their blog posts and emails.

Dear Parents,

We are so impressed with the effort that families are making with distance learning. If you or your child have questions about work after a workshop the teachers are staying on for the hour so that you can jump back on if you need to clarify anything.

A few notices

Te Reo - This would be a great activity for Paiaka students

On Wednesday afternoon at 1.30pm Whaea Bex and Mrs Earl will host a Google Meet for those students who want help with their Mihimihi. Click on this link to join the meet.

On Friday afternoon at 12pm Whaea Bex and Mrs Earl will host a Google Meet to help anyone who has any questions about Te Reo and also to teach some new sentence structures and vocab - promises to be fun!!! Click on this link to join the meet. We will also put the meet links on the Te Reo pages on the Hub Sites.

Mrs Roach is having surgery on her wrist on Tuesday so Mrs Simanu and Mrs Ferguson will be at her workshops on Tuesday and then Mrs Ferguson will the Home Base 4 Maths teacher and for her Literacy Group. You can still send emails to Mrs Roach’s email and share work to her because Mrs Ferguson will check.

Please encourage your children to save their work to their folders. To do this they need to be signed in to their school google account. You can share a photo to their email and then they can click “Save to Drive” then “Organise” to put in a folder. The teachers can see and access all work that is in student folders. It could be photos of their work or a photo they need for a blog post.

Thanks again for your support

Paiaka Teachers