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Education Review Report

Jo Earl —

On the basis of the findings of this review, ERO’s overall evaluation judgement of St Francis of Assisi Catholic School’s performance in achieving valued outcomes for its students is: Strong

We are very excited to share the findings of the Education Review evaluation visit to our school at the end of last year. 

Some snippets...

Learners are at the centre of the school curriculum. Active engagement is encouraged, and they develop understandings of themselves as learners. Programmes are localised to reflect the special character of the school and the school values. A shared understanding of learning provides opportunity for innovation and connection. Curriculum design is flexible and increasingly informed by student voice and agency. This allows opportunity for students and teachers to be leaders of learning.

Leaders work strategically in all aspects of planning, coordination and evaluation of the school curriculum and teaching. There is a deliberate focus on using student achievement information to inform decision making about resourcing for school improvement. Leaders provide a foundation of research-based professional learning to support organisation structures and pathways of programme design. Leaders promote a strong sense of school identity and an ethos of inclusion and care that is shared by the wider school community.

Effective knowledge building practices and frameworks are implemented and refined by teachers to improve student outcomes. Learning environments are settled, respectful and promote student engagement in learning.

Key strengths of the school

For sustained improvement and future learner success, the school can draw on existing strengths in:

  • a school curriculum and culture that places children at the centre of thinking and action
  • a collaborative and future-focused teaching and leadership team that promotes systems, processes and research to support equitable outcomes for students
  • a positive and welcoming learning culture that provides students, staff, parents and community with a strong sense of belonging.

You can read the whole report on this link.