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Phase 2 Response

Jo Earl —

As the numbers of confirmed cases in Christchurch rises I am sure some of you are wondering how we propose to manage Phase 2 at school.

We continue to promote and use good hygiene practices. Mask wearing, hand washing, hand sanitiser and social distancing have been proven to slow the spread of Omicron.

We also request that if at all possible you drop off and pick up your child/children from the gates while also understanding that this is difficult from some of the little ones who have just started school. No parents are able to enter the hubs at present.

Confirmed Case?

The flowchart attached to this article is a good summary of the actions the school will take and the actions that you should take should you or your child become a confirmed case.

I have had a couple of questions about whether we are geared up for students to access learning from home. We absolutely are - all of our learning is available on the Hub google sites all the time and your children (Year 3-8) know how to access it. The Junior Hub of course would need help to access the Kākano site.

The difference is that we will not be providing online lessons unless numbers at school are significant enough to warrant this. If your child is a confirmed case, or isolating waiting for test results, then you will need to follow the information provided by MOH - summarised on the flowchart attached. They will be able to access their learning at anytime through this process of isolation and testing - if they are well enough.

We will continue to communicate with you and if and when our numbers of teaching staff get compromised we will move into a hybrid model of teaching and learning - some online and some kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face).

In the meantime it is business as usual here at school - we have no confirmed cases at the time of writing this.

Please email Jo Earl (principal@stfrancischch.school.nz) should you or your child become a confirmed case. This will help us greatly with managing this changing landscape. 

Ngā mihi nui