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Photo by Rebecca Methven

Safe around School

Rebecca Methven —

You will have noticed our new Road Crossing barriers which were installed during the break. Thanks to the parents and family members who are helping out with Road Patrol supervision in the mornings!

Some reminders:

Safe Walkway - Please  encourage your children to walk up the painted lines through the carpark and not up the driveways.

The P3 area - you may not leave your car and come into school if you park in the P3 area.

The Yellow Lines: Please do not stop on the yellow lines to pick up or drop off your children. This is illegal.

The Church Car Park: Please do not park in this car park. The children use the footpath in the carpark and it is just not safe for people to use it at the same time.

The School Driveway: Please do not come up the school driveway to pick up your child unless you have a mobility parking permit. There are three spaces right beside the office for those people who have a permit.

Thank you for your co-operation with keeping our students safe.