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What will we do if we have a confirmed case of Covid-19 in our school?

Jo Earl —

We will follow MOE and MOH guidelines.

How do I notify the school that I or my child is a confirmed case?

Please contact Jo Earl (Principal) on principal@stfrancischch.school.nz or 03 595 0730 or, if it is after hours, you can phone 027 2977 307.

What will we do?

If a staff member, parent or caregiver notifies us that they or their child are a confirmed case we will contact our regional Director of Education Christchurch MOE for next steps.

We will already be able to identify those who may be considered contacts through our timetable (that is, which staff were onsite and with which classes/groups), attendance register, sports, cultural and other extra-curricular group lists, and visitor register.

We will also need to help identify:

  • if the COVID-19 case was wearing a mask at school
  • if they were at least 1.5 metres away from other students
  • how long the COVID-19 case spent with other students
  • how they arrived at school (that is, whether they were on public or school transport)
  • who they spent most of their time with during breaks
  • whether they had any contact with any non-teaching staff – cleaners, school office people etc.

We will communicate with our whānau every step of the way which is why we need to ensure we have up-to-date contact information for our children, students, parents, caregivers and whānau.

Please make sure that you scan in if you come onto the school site. There are QR codes on all gates. From Tuesday parents will not be able to enter the Hubs at all. If you need to come on site you will only be able to go into the office area.

We are putting these restrictions in place to do our best to keep our staff healthy and well so that we can keep our school open and our children onsite.