Hero photograph
Photo by Jo Earl

Upgrade to Hero

Jo Earl —

Today we are delighted to launch the upgrade to our student management, school reporting and communication system, Hero.

This upgrade was planned and put into place well before the lockdown and because of this we were unable to delay it. Thanks for your understanding - we will have you up and running with the new system in no time at all.

Please check your emails - you will have received these instructions. If you didn't receive this please let us know.

You need to follow these instructions. You are now able to choose to have an app for Linc-Ed or both and by following these instructions you can set this up straight away.

Click https://hero.linc-ed.com/parents/ for Hero login instructions. If you need any additional help, feel welcome to email Jo at principal@stfrancischch.school.nz.

Hero enables you to keep up-to-date with all school communication through a modern computer browser or through the app. Note, Internet Explorer is not supported.

All the rich learning content from LINC-ED has been migrated to Hero and our school is working closely with the team at LINC-ED throughout this process.

Please note that once logged in you may not see any new posts about your child's learning yet - we have been investing our time in ensuring we are delivering the best distance learning we can and we will get back to online reporting when we can.

Ngā mihi nui