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Photo by Jo Earl

Proposed bus stops on Innes Road

Jo Earl —

The Council want to make changes to include bus stops on Innes Rd.

There is a notice from the council attached. This is your chance to have a say - the proposed changes could have a  direct effect on our school and Parish as one of the options is right outside our school taking away the P3 area totally.

This is an excerpt from the attached notice...

You will be aware of recent changes to the intersection of Philpotts Road and QEII Drive as part of the Christchurch Northern Corridor project. Last month the Orbiter route was changed to Cranford Street. At this time, we put two temporary bus stops near the Innes Road and Ethne Street intersection.

We’re now considering where to put the permanent bus stops on Innes Road. We want to ensure there is convenient access to the Orbiter, so that it’s easy for you and those who live in your neighbourhood to get around Christchurch.