Hero photograph
Photo by Jo Earl

Congratulations to the Black Ferns!

Jo Earl —

Thanks so much to Whitney and Kendra for visiting us yesterday with Nancy (the cup!)

It was really exciting to share in the joy of winning the Womens' Rugby World Cup yesterday when Whitney Hansen (aka Miss Hansen) and Kendra Cocksedge (#9) visited us. They brought along Nancy - the trophy and we were able to see their gold medals.

They visited each hub and it gave the students the chance to ask many questions. We were impressed at how much they knew and the great questions they had.

"What did your day look like on Saturday?"

"What will you do now that you are retiring from Rugby?"

"How much training do you have to do?"

and many more...

Thanks Whitney and Kendra for taking the time to come and visit and help Te Maire St Francis of Assisi kura share in this amazing journey.