Hero photograph
Photo by Rebecca Methven

Wins all round in the EPro8 Challenge.

Helen Simanu —

Congratulations to the Bubble Masters from Kaupeka and the Mega Minds from Tumu who both came first in the EPro8 challenge which means they will go on to the semi-final competition later in the term.

The EPro8 Challenge is a team competition involving engineering and problem solving. Every year over 9000 students from 800 schools from throughout New Zealand take part.

Each team of four is based at a workstation containing an impressive assortment of easy to use parts and equipment. The 3 hour event begins with a tutorial on the equipment teams will be using.

Teams choose which challenges they wish to undertake. The harder the challenge, the more points it is worth. There is not enough time to finish all the challenges - so strategy is required to know which ones to go for.

When teams have completed a challenge they push the "Big Red Button". They will be judged and the points will be added to the live leaderboard.

It was awesome to see both teams working together and we wish them all the best for the semi-finals.