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Bullying-Free NZ Week

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A shared understanding of bullying helps schools, parents and whānau, and their communities prevent and respond consistently and appropriately to bullying.

Over this next week our tamariki will be talking and learning about how we can make NZ  bully free. 

We hear the word bullying a lot. What is really important is that we understand what it is (and what it is not). When we all have a shared understanding of bullying, we can recognise it, deal with it when it happens and most of all stop it from happening in the first place.

Bullying is harmful. It hurts and some people carry it with them for their whole life. It is not normal and it is not part of growing up. 

Other things can hurt too (like teasing, having an argument or fighting) but they do not normally happen over and over again. They still need to be dealt with so that our tamariki feel happy and safe.

We will be sharing messages each day that you can talk about with your tamariki. We hope to empower our tamariki to be "upstanders" - not bystanders.

Image by: Jo Earl

We know that if everybody is prepared to speak up when they see something that is not right - then we can make positive change.

What is Bullying?

One easy way to remember what makes something bullying is to remember the 3 P’s from author, Signe Whitson.

It is bullying if:

  • It is done on PURPOSE; there is nothing “accidental” or unplanned about bullying.
  • It is a PATTERN; it happens over and over again.
  • It is all about POWER; one person (or a group) has more control and influence than their target.
Rude, Mean or Bullying Sticks 'n Stones

Here's a great wee youtube clip you can view with your tamariki which will help start a conversation around what is and what isn't bullying.

Image by: Jo Earl

Let's start talking today... so that we can create a wave of change!