Hero photograph
Photo by Jo Earl

Bike Track Update

Jo Earl —

There was huge excitement today as the first people were able to ride around our track on the new bikes!

Today several of our new bikes arrived and Julian and Steve worked tirelessly to put the bikes together so that we could open the track this afternoon.

At 2pm we were visited from Paul and Anouk from "Bike On" and after a very short opening we let the first cyclists take a tour of the track. 

Huge thanks to Julian Meates who has driven this project. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped along the way!

Thanks to the Fair committee for the money raised, thanks to the PTA, thanks to NZTA, thanks to "Bike On" - we are just so excited to be able to use this track now!

Next Week

As you can imagine this is going to be a very popular activity. Throughout the week all students will get the opportunity to use the track. We are just putting a roster together to make sure everyone gets a fair amount of time during the breaks. We will send this information as soon as we can. 

First off the rank will be Kākano on Monday.

Kākano students can bring their scooters or bikes if they wish on Monday or they can use the school bikes. 

We have helmets, which for hygiene reasons, will be sprayed  between each use - however if you do not want your child to use these please send along your child's helmet from home (clearly named).

Please note that your child uses the bike track at their own risk. We are taking Health and Safety management for the track very seriously and  we do have staff who have recently trained in First Aid, however as we all know children (and adults) do have accidents at times.

More detailed information will come home about the track and its use in the near future.