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Photo by Rebecca Methven


Rebecca Methven —

The word Pentecost comes from the Greek for fiftieth day. Pentecost Sunday ends the season of Easter and comes as a Sabbath day after seven weeks of seven days. Pentecost is celebrated as the arrival of the Spirit, promised by Jesus, that animated the disciples to spread the gospel of Jesus and gather believers to form what would eventually become the Church.

Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus breathes his own life into us and we become members of God's family. What would God's family be like: how would we think and act and behave toward others? What would our world be like if all of us acted as God's family members?

Because the Holy Spirit lives in us and in the church, we do not have to fear for the future. What we do need to do is make time to listen to and speak with the Holy Spirit living in us. In that way we will always choose the peaceful, kind and forgiving way to live with each other. 

The celebration of Pentecost is a time for joy and hope. It is a time to reflect on the promise that Jesus made to the disciples that, when he was gone, the Holy Spirit would be with them to guide and teach them.

Try to take some time this week to listen to the Holy Spirit and to reflect on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how they are manifested in your life.


The Story of Pentecost: Storytelling/animation by St Matthew's, Loganholme