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Nā te Tumuaki

Jo Earl —

We hope you have all remembered school is closed tomorrow for our planned Teacher Only Day.

Teacher Only Day

As part of employment agreement negotiations in 2019 additional teacher-only days were provided for principals and teachers who are covered under the Primary Teachers’ Collective Agreement, and the Primary Principals’ Collective Agreement.

These days are focused to provide teachers and principals time to:

  • Refresh and deepen their knowledge and practice around the local curriculum

As already advertised (March 25 Pānui #7) we will be using one of these days on Friday 3 June. Our staff will be attending professional development on the delivery of the Maths Curriculum. 

Parent Teacher Meetings

Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 July 2022

We will be offering times for you to meet with your child's teacher in Week 10 of this term. Earlier this week we sent a small survey to gauge interest in an online option for meeting. We have had a lot of people opt in for this option so we will provide both options for you.

The link to make the bookings will be sent home after the weekend.

Make sure you put the dates in your diary so that you can make the best use of this time. On both of these dates school will finish at 1.50pm so that we are able to meet with all of our whānau. You will need to make alternative arrangements for pick up for your children on both of these days.


We are just noticing some variance in the uniform at the moment and wanted to ask for your support in ensuring your children are wearing the correct uniform.

Ties should be worn by all students in Year 5-8. It is part of the uniform. If your child does not have a tie they can be purchased at school for $15.

Many of the students are choosing not to wear the jersey. While I understand that some don't like the way the jersey feels, it is part of the uniform and if they choose not to wear it, this does not mean that they can wear any sweatshirt instead.

Children will be asked to remove clothing that is not part of the uniform - we need to be fair to all students and ask for your help with encouraging your children to wear the uniform with pride.

For Tumu and Kaupeka whānau:

On another note - cell phones are not allowed to be used during the school day and it would be our preference that they would not be brought to school at all. However we acknowledge that it is useful for some to have phones after school so that you can get hold of them. If your child brings a cell phone to school they are expected to turn them off and hand them in to the teacher office in the Hub. 

We can then ensure that they do not get used and also do not go missing from bags etc.

June Long Weekends

Hope you all enjoy this long weekend and just a wee reminder that Friday 24 June is the date we are celebrating Matariki - our new Public holiday. The school will be closed on Friday June 24.

Mid Winter Breakfast

One the last day of term (Friday July 8) we are holding our Annual Mid-Winter Breakfast. More information about this closer to the time. Book the date in now - you might be able to start later at work - we would love for all our whānau to come and join us.