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Traffic Woes - We Need Your Help!

Jo Earl —

The current road works mean that you will need to park further away from school and walk in to pick your children up.

Pedestrian Crossing

These rules are clear. Even if the crossing is not being patrolled the rules are the same. It would help us greatly if parents picking our children up would stop at the crossing if there are pedestrians waiting. Sometimes it can take a long time to get a break in the traffic.

Image by: Jo Earl

Yellow Lines and Driveways

Yesterday I received an email from a person in the Mairehau community who walks past our school every day at pick up and drop off times. It is a timely reminder for us that we all need to follow the road rules at all times.

Here is the email:


As a parent walking my children to school every day along Innes Road, I have noticed that every single pick up and drop off time, parents from St Francis are parking dangerously on yellow lines, over driveways and not stopping at the pedestrian crossings.

I understand that recently the road markings have changed and that parking has become more difficult, however, these parents are putting all children and cyclists at risk by continuing to park in places that are no longer car park spaces.

It is also astounding to see them not stop at the pedestrian crossing only to stop a few metres from it to let their children out and then to pick them up and not stop at the other crossing down the road.

This is not a new problem, but I hoped that people would learn to adapt to the road changes, however they haven't.

Could you please ask your community to ensure that they are using the road correctly for everyone's safety?

Thank you.

The road works everywhere are very frustrating - we understand this but we need your help to make it safe for all our students! Please think about where you park and whether you are creating a hazard for students and cyclists.