Hero photograph
Photo by Jo Earl

Hero - What's New?

Jo Earl —

Have you noticed the changes to your home page on our Hero app?

The Hero Premier Landing Page is the first thing that you see when you log into the Hero app. We have customised this page to put all your important links in one place. 

Image by: Jo Earl

Progress and Achievement

Clicking on your child's photo will take you to information about your child's progress and achievement. 


You can access your account from the landing page. You will soon be able to pay online from this place as well.

Reporting an Absence

As you can see you can now report an absence from the app. Using this function will send an email to the office. Of course you can still ring and leave a message if that is what you prefer.

Important Links

Scrolling to the bottom of the landing page will take you to more important links. This includes our school website, the official school Facebook page, newsletters (under the Hail heading), school policies and procedures, the school calendar and term dates.