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Chromebook Allocation

Jo Earl —

(repeat information from update #2). We have a limited amount of Chromebooks that we are willing to loan.

We will prioritise giving students from Years 3-8 devices, as these students will require access to a device to complete some of their online distance learning. 

If we have Kākano whānau, who do not have any access to a device at home we would like to support you if we can - please indicate this on the form below. 

Please remember students can access their Google Drive from any device that you have at home that has access to the internet, so you will only need to borrow a Chromebook if you have no other devices available for them. 

There is an agreement that will need to be signed about the use and care of the device. It must only be used for home learning. 

Chromebooks are not designed as gaming devices. The expectation therefore would be that they are not used in this way. 

Please complete this Google Form if you would like to borrow a Chromebook. You will need to complete this today. 

We will communicate with you over the weekend about pick up or delivery.