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Getting Connected 2021

Jo Earl —

At the beginning of next year we again intend to hold 30 minute Getting Connected meetings again. These were very successful this year.

On Thursday 4 February and Friday 5 February you will have the opportunity to make a 30 minute meeting time with your child's Kaiako Manaaki. 

Manaaki is about extending respect and hospitality to others in a way that upholds their mana and enhances your own. At St Francis of Assisi School your Kaiako Manaaki is the person that you will have your Getting Connected meeting with and who will be responsible for the pastoral care of your child.

This meeting is a  chance for you to talk  about what has gone well for your child in the past, and for you all to set some goals together.

The link to book the meetings will go live next week and you will receive the link along with your child's stationery list and other information about next year.

Go to www.schoolinterviews.co.nz and enter the event code wbeqw

alternatively click on this link