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Chromebook Purchasing

Jo Earl —

In 2017 we rolled out 1:1 Chromebook learning for all students from Years 5-8 here at St Francis of Assisi. This has been very successful and is something we have continued to develop and we are incredibly proud of.

Our teachers and students are leading the way in learning with digital technologies, and this was highlighted during the recent lockdown - Our Manaiakalani Whānau

Since the lockdown we have been trialling Year 4 students bringing their own Chromebooks and we are really happy with how this has gone. Next year we intend to extend our 1:1 Chromebook learning environment to all students in Years 4 - 8.

This means that all students from Years 4 - 8 will need a Chromebook for learning. We are committed to only using chromebooks as experience has shown us that having multiple devices is problematic. Having one device means that teachers and students are working from one platform.

Students owning their own chromebooks is our preference as this means they are able to learn anytime/anywhere.

We have been working with the Uru Mānuka Trust and have the following purchasing option for you. You can order this before Show weekend and receive it this year, or if you order after that your device will be delivered on day one of the 2021 school year. For information on this purchasing option click the following link -

Whānau Handout

Manaiakalani Trust have spent time testing the various models, they have also worked on getting a good package deal for us through the Uru Mānuka Trust. You can order on this link.


You do not have to buy through the Trust – you can source your own deal however we recommend that you check that you have a warranty and accidental insurance covered whichever way you do this.

If your child already has a device and you don’t want to purchase a chromebook, or if you are not in a position to purchase a chromebook at this point we will have a limited pool of devices available at school, however these will only be allowed to be used in class time and cannot be taken home.

Please come and talk to us if this is the case. We are happy to answer any questions at any point.

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